Friday, March 04, 2016

Marvelous Mar Vista

Our 24th anniversary, 2016, Mar Vista. Photo by Molly Temple

Last night, on our 24th wedding anniversary, we celebrated with dinner and art. Since it was a Thursday night, we decided to stay close to home. We had dinner at A-Frame in Mar Vista. A-Frame has gone through a minor transformation lately from an Asian fusion restaurant to a Hawaiian-themed spot. Chef, Roy Choi has incorporated some of his favorite home-cooked recipes to the menu. I really like this place. It's informal and fun, but with excellent food. We opted to eat light and each had a bowl of Kalua Pork Ramen (with cocktails). For dessert, we celebrated with the Choco Loco which is a mousse-like dessert made from chocolate hazelnut panna cotta, chocolate shavings and whipped cream. Yum!

After dinner we zoomed up to the Trunk Gallery at Venice and Beethoven, also in Mar Vista. 
Artist, Mike Tempo

Our friend, Mike Tempo was part of the Mar Vista ArtWalk. Wow! What a scene! There were record stores, boutiques, galleries, restaurants and more open. There were also a few food trucks and other street vendors. There were two distinct areas, one at Venice and Beethoven and the other (about 5 blocks away) at Venice and Grand View. More stores, in-between, need to join in this monthly festival!

Crowd at The Trunk Gallery
Paintings by Mike Tempo
We saw a few friends, and some of the artwork at the Trunk Gallery. What a sweet place. I must get on their mailing list. 
Josefina, Ellen and Robbie. New artwork by Mr. Tempo
Mike, Ellen, Larry. New artwork by Mr. Tempo!

There was a live band playing across the street at the yoga studio, so we wandered over there for awhile before getting in the car and driving east toward Grand View and the rest of the street festival. 
Vintage on Venice Shop
Street painter at Buckwild Gallery
Concert at TimeWarp Records
FABULOUS patron at Vintage on Venice

There was even MORE of scene at that end of the street! Come summertime, this Mar Vista ArtWalk is going to be jammed! What fun!
This was a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

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At 2:10 AM PST, Blogger benilhalk said...

All photographs you have shared here are wonderful. You know on our 12th anniversary my husband arranged surprise vow renewal party at one of wedding venues Los Angeles. It was a wonderful and amazing surprise.


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