Friday, July 27, 2018

Vintage Photo Friday

Truck Crash at Stearns and Pico, 1951. USC Digital Archives, Herald Examiner Collection

I like to peruse vintage photo collections of Los Angeles. This morning I was looking at the USC Digital Archive's collection of photos from the old L.A. Herald Examiner Newspaper. SInce I've lived near or on Pico Boulevard for most of my life, I typed "Pico" in the search window. Look what I found!
This is a storefront at 5998 West Pico Boulevard at Stearns Drive. It's on the south/east corner. There were five photos of a car and truck accident from 1951. The description reads, "Truck accident (Pico Boulevard and Stearns Drive), November 6, 1951. Jose C. Ramirez, 41 years (driver). Truck accident. Truck loaded with chili powder in 5 pound cans and 25 pound barrels was going east on Pico when a car driven by Mrs. Esther Lerner going north on Stearns Drive, came out onto Pico in front of the truck driven by Ramirez. Truck swerved to avoid hitting her. The truck load shifted causing the truck to overturn and crash through the store window."
Imagine all of the spilled chili powder on the street! I wonder if the powder stained Mrs. Lerner's car paint?
Inside of store, after crash
Stearns Drive side of store with overturned truck
Looking at the front of the store in the first photo, I noticed an art-deco style building. From the various signs in the photos above, the store looks like a mattress and bathroom fixtures shop. The building looked familiar. Through the magic of the internet, I looked up the corner. THIS BUILDING IS STILL THERE! For years this location was the Levantine Cultural Center. The banner of the center covered up the upper portion of the building.
Levantine Cultural Center, Pico Boulevard Los Angeles
Within the last couple of years, this building has been preserved and brought back as The Green Table Cafe. The full design of the original building is apparent. I'm not much of a vegetarian or vegan, but I really must give this place a chance! I do appreciate that they have maintained this lovely building.
The Green Table Cafe, 5998 W. Pico Blvd., at Stearns Drive, LA
As you drive around the City, really LOOK at the buildings. They may have had a former life!

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