Thursday, August 09, 2018

Charming Saturday Afternoon

After Ukulele Workshop in Culver City on Saturday I'd made plans to meet Suzette for lunch. We keep missing each other at our Saturday West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch! Suze was nice to drive to Culver City to meet me. We had lunch at the ever-so-charming Jackson Market.  I found this little spot years ago, but haven't been back in ages. 
Jackson Market is in the middle of a residential neighborhood, south of Culver Boulevard. It has been a market since this area was developed in the 1920s. They carry the essentials like milk, butter, cereal, etc. Their biggest business, however seems to be their lunch counter. Jackson's offers sandwiches, wraps, salads, soup and more. The portions are large and our lunch was delicious. I had a chicken salad sandwich and Suzette had a tuna salad wrap.
There's this check-list menu that you place on the lunch counter once you've figured it out. After you receive your sandwich, you can pick up a drink or chips on a nearby aisle. Then check-out. There are patio tables in front of the market and also in the backyard. 
After walking down this walkway, along the side of the building, there are an array of tables, couches and seating areas awaiting. The patio is larger than I remembered. We found a table near the side of the yard and had a yummy lunch!
Walkway to Back Patio at Jackson Market

Suzette and Teensy Frida at Jackson Market

Suzette and I follow each other on Facebook and Instagram, so she was well aware of my recent Frida Kahlo-themed birthday gifts. Suzette is an expert at knitting teensy, tiny figures from the MochiMochiLand patterns. Using the MochiMochi pattern as a basis, Suzette designed the cutest little Frida doll I have ever seen! This little wonder could also double as a finger puppet when I premiere my new play, "Frida, My Life With Monkeys." 
Suzette's Knitted "Frida Kahlo" Doll
Thank you, Suzy-ette!

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