Friday, March 08, 2019

iHeart Hearts!

Larry's crocheted heart necklace @ MONA, Glendale

Yes, I know it's corny, but I just love the HEART design. I'm almost ALWAYS wearing a heart pendant around my neck (unless, of course I'm wearing my excellent new Breeze Block pendant)! We need more heart in this world!
A few of my heart pendants
When the cartoon, "Cathy" started showing up in my daily newspaper in 1976 (written by Cathy Guisewhite), I immediately identified with the character. Cathy always wore a shirt with a heart on it. I wanted to be just like Cathy.
My idol, Cathy!
My heart obsession has carried over to my crochet and knit projects.  I've made dishcloths, potholders, hats, doilies and more with hearts of them.
Sunflower Daisy Heart
Baby Heart Fez
Heart Dishcloth
Halloween Costume, The Red Heart Queen of Crochet
Valentine Heart Doily
Intarsia Hearts
Last year I saw this heart blanket online called "Tune My Heart Blanket" by Magdalene Lee.  I was very taken with this design. It reminds me of an old-fashioned quilt. I'd recently mastered the triangle granny square in two colors, so I got all of my pinky yarns together and proceeded to crochet this blanket! I added a row of solid squares at the top and bottom to make the piece longer. I LOVE it! This blanket is going to be gifted to a special friend for her birthday!
"Heart Be Still" Blanket, modeled by Mr. Larry
I named my blanket, "Heart Be Still" after a favorite Billy Vera song!

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At 4:55 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Ellen the art looks great!
I had a question about Juke’s work. Could you please email me? Thank you so much for your time <3 Paul


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