Monday, December 30, 2013

Tongva Park

Santa Monica City Hall
Yesterday, Larry and I decided to take a ride to Santa Monica to see the newish Tongva Park in front of the Santa Monica City Hall.  Everyone else seemed to have a similar idea.  The beach area was slammed with traffic yesterday!  We parked a few blocks away and walked to the Park.  It's beautifully designed.  There are open areas with grass and ecologically diverse plants, play areas for kids, picnic tables and benches and excellent observation areas of the ocean.  Considering this park is on a smallish lot, there are lots of levels, making it seem bigger than it really is.  The park is named for the Tongva People who inhabited the Southern California area before white settlers came here.  The Tongva are also referred to as the GabrieleƱo Indians.  Here are a few photos of this lovely park. 

These metal domed shapes represent the domed shape huts of the Tongva People

It was a a beautiful day in Santa Monica.  Get out, enjoy our public parks!
Golden Hour in Santa Monica

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At 6:31 PM PST, Blogger Aunt Snow said...

It's nice, isn't it? I really love the big old trees - the biggest one was on the site already, but some of the others are transplanted street trees that outgrew their original locations.

But I am chargrinned that I spent all the last couple of years having to deal with the park's construction around my office environment, and now that it's open and so pleasant, I'm working in a different location! Oh well.

At 12:26 AM PST, Blogger John said...

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