Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gateway to the Holidays

Tam O' Shanter Inn, Los Feliz

Once a year we meet up with a few friends at the beginning of the holiday season in the bar at the Tam O' Shanter Inn in Los Feliz.  The Tam has been in existence since 1922!  They serve delicious and hearty food.  At Christmas time the entire restaurant is decorated and there are roving carolers dressed in old English garb.  It's always very festive.

Wendy listens to the Tam O' Shanter Carolers

This year was no exception.  The entire restaurant was decked out for the holidays.  The carolers were in tune and the carving board in the bar was slicing up some mighty fine corned beef, brisket and turkey!

We noticed that the sign outside in the parking lot had changed.  The lightning bolt is featured.  Here's the story:
We should definitely visit the Tam O' Shanter Inn BEFORE next Christmas for a nice, sit-down dinner!
Tracey, Robbie and Mona

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