Thursday, December 26, 2013

Xmas Day Brunch

The Brunch Bunch:  Lisa, Rhoda, Roz, Ellen, Audrey and Jeff.  Photo by Mr. Larry
Mom and a few of our friends visited us yesterday for Xmas Day Brunch.  It was a relaxed and fun afternoon.  Thank you, Mom/Roz, Rhoda, Lisa, Audrey and Jeff for making our holiday such fun!  We drank mimosas, giggled, had a yummy deli brunch, giggled some more, opened presents and then we giggled a bit more!  
Jeff, Rhoda, Roz

Rhoda had to stand up to tell her story!
The "Pacino" Wink
Larry gave Ellen NINE vintage VERA scarves!

Thank you to my darling husband, Larry for being such a helpful host!

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