Monday, December 23, 2013

Palm Springs

On Saturday, Larry and I took off for Palm Springs. We wanted to catch the Richard Diebenkorn show at the PS Art Museum on our way up to Idyllwild.  There wasn't any traffic.  We got to Palm Springs in record time without speeding!  First stop, fish tacos at the Fisherman's Market and Grill.  Next stop, Palm Springs Art Museum.  The Diebenkorn exhibit is marvelous!  There are so many paintings and drawings that I've never seen.  He has always been one of my favorite artists.

After the Museum we walked over to see that humongous statue of Marilyn Monroe, "Forever Marilyn" by Seward Johnson, wearing the famous halter dress, standing over the subway grate from the movie, "Seven Year Itch."  There were tons of people there taking photos of Marilyn's bum.

Last stop, The Shag Store on Palm Canyon.  Artist, Josh Agle aka SHAG has had many of his designs fabricated into useful items such as cocktail napkins, drink coasters, lamps, sculptures, handbags, salt and pepper shakers and MORE.  The store is chock full o' great SHAG items.  I managed to depart with a little cash here.

At around 3pm we headed up the Palms to Pines Highway to Idyllwild.  More about that tomorrow!

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At 9:10 PM PST, Blogger Divya said...

Hi Ellen! It was so great meeting you in the market today. I love your blog and am inspired to knit more. Hopefully I can make it to a stitching gathering sometime.
Thank you for your kindness.

At 4:47 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Divya! Lovely to meet you too. You made my day by recognizing me at Von's....of all places! I do hope you join us one Thursday night at the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax. We meet every Thursday from 7-9pm in the upstairs dining area. Happy New Year, new friend!

At 11:41 AM PST, Blogger Aunt Snow said...

We went to Palms Springs over the Thanksgiving holiday, since it was my birthday. We also loved the Diebenkorn exhibit. I don't like the Marilyn statue, it seems creepy to me, and vaguely like sexually victimizing that poor woman again by letting tourists take their photos posing under her skirts.

But I do love the town - we also browsed the stores and really loved all the mid-century stuff. Our exploring took us in another direction than yours; we explored the Salton Sea instead of Idylwild, but that destination should be our next objective when we visit!


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