Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year's Day, Grand Park

On New Year's Day, Larry and I decided to take a ride downtown to Grand Park to see the leftover trash and damage from the City of L.A.'s New Year's Eve party.  We were very surprised to see an almost spotless Grand Park!  Yes, there were kiosks, stages and booths still set up, but all the debris was almost gone.  I saw a few stray bits of confetti on the steps of the Music Center, but that's all.
Confetti on the Terrazo

Many people had the same idea as we did.  We met up with a few people who had been at the celebration the night before.  They said it was fabulous and fun, but REALLY crowded.  The L.A. Times article in today's paper said that there were 25,000 people in attendance.  They were expecting around 10,000!  I guess this proves that people in Los Angeles want a place to celebrate big events.  Hopefully, next year New Year's Eve the City will improve the services and enlarge the location somehow.
Cute Boys Revisiting their Party Place

Go-Go Gertie, the day after
To see more photos of the actual festivities on New Year's Eve, check out Instagram Photos #nyela.

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