Monday, July 18, 2016

TOO Busy!

Culver City

It was a jam-packed weekend! I'm on vacation this week and I think I tried to do too much the first few days!

Friday night Larry took me to the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City to see "Recorded in Hollywood," the musical about John Dolphin and his remarkable record store on Central Avenue, Los Angeles during the late '40s, '50s and beyond. It was excellent. The music and dancing were so entertaining! Thank you, Mr. Larry!

Saturday morning I met up with Natalie and Mary Jo at Boulevard Music in Culver City for our weekly ukulele workshop. We had a grand time, but I had to skeedaddle outta there to the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Double-Ended Tunisian Crochet Workshop! I made it in a nick of time to scarf down my sandwich and participate in the workshop. 

We finished earlier than we thought we would, so instead of going home and resting like I should have, Lisa, Ana and I met our Santa Monica Yarnies at the Coffee Bean in SM for more afternoon crocheting.
I found Larry back at home and we zoomed over to the latest rage in Mid-City, Gus's Fried Chicken on Crenshaw and Pico. We were there relatively early on a Saturday, 6pm and the place was already packed! We had a delicious, quick dinner!

I had never been to one of Cali Rose's Kanikapila's (which is really a hootenanny / jam) at Boulevard Music. I thought I should experience this event. I zoomed BACK to Culver City for the second time on Saturday and communed with a few of my fellow-uke classmates. 

Cali provided many songs for us to play and sing. Toward the end of the evening about 6 or 7 people went on stage to perform their own songs. It was a fun evening.
Cali Rose

I'm not finished yet. There's more!
Sunday morning we had breakfast with Mom at The Nosh in Beverly Hills. I always look for Jon Voight when I'm there, because we've seen him numerous times over the years. Voight was picking up bagels when we arrived. He was on the phone though, so I didn't bother him. He's one of my fave actors.
Jon Voight, outside The Nosh, Beverly Hills

In the hot afternoon we drove out to the Northridge / Chatsworth area to see Lauren's, Eric's and Luke's new house and studio. I'm so happy for this sweet little family! They moved into a really nice house with a very professional recording studio for Eric's business, attached to the home. It was a plus to be able to hang out with Lauren's parents, Barb and Phil.
Lauren, Luke and Kelly


Phil and Barb

Grandma Barb made some yummy cookies!

THEN, last night I met Joan W. for dinner at Billingsley's! This was a pre-birthday celebration. Joan and I have been celebrating our birthdays together for decades. Dinner was delicious! Thank you, Joan.
Billingsley's famous Green Goddess dressing

OK, now I'm officially tired.

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