Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Yesterday, Larry and I took a day trip to Ventura.  We've driven through this town hundreds of times, but never really stopped to explore.  It's a great little town! 
First stop was Anacapa Fine Yarns, located in a business park east of the ocean. A VERY nice shop with a great selection of yarn. I managed to spend a little cash here!
Seen at Grady's Record Refuge

Next on our agenda was Grady's Record Refuge. Larry managed to spend a bit of cash here. 
We stopped at Anacapa Ukuleles on our way downtown. This is a small, but adorable little shop. They ONLY sell ukuleles and uke accessories.  We both played this wonderful Ojai-made uke. It has a thinner body than a usual uke and is a slightly different shape, kind of like a dreadknot. I liked it a lot. It was EXPENSIVE.
We had lunch at a great fish taco place called Spencer Makenzie's Fish Company. It was crowded and the tacos were great.
We finally made our way to downtown Ventura. So many of the ancient buildings have been refurbished and now house coffee houses, boutiques, restaurants, antique shops and thrift stores. We had fun browsing in the many shops, including Jockamo Records. We spent a bit of time hanging out with Heidi at Jockamo. Her husband, R.J. Mischo, is a well-known harmonica player. We had a long conversation about our mutual, departed friend, Juke Logan and blues music in California. 
More antique shops and more walking around downtown. Of course, I managed to find a lovely deviled egg dish to add to my collection!
On our way out of town we stopped at Super Buzzy, a very adorable fabric and yarn shop. 
It was a lovely and exhausting day! Thanks for driving, Mr. Larry!

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