Tuesday, July 26, 2016

WOW! What a Party!

We were lucky to be included in artist, Rhonda Voo's birthday party this past Saturday. It had been a hellish day for the weather. The Sand Fire in Santa Clarita was coloring our sky an other-worldly yellow color. There was smoke and ash in the air. It was humid. The atmosphere was dense. Miraculously, by sunset, the skies cleared and the evening breeze drifted into Mar Vista. It was a perfect night for Rhonda's party.
Rhonda and her husband, Eric live in a beautiful home in Mar Vista. A few years ago, architect Neil Denari remodeled and added on to the home. It has been written up in architectural journals, highlighted in films and appeared on television. When we first visited awhile back, the addition was painted a lovely pastel sea-foam green. NOW, the back of the home has been painted graphically in orange and pink! Wow! You can see early views of the home HERE
Larry was OVER THE MOON about Rhonda's birthday!

Roast Beef Snackage
The menu was divine, catered by FOOD on Pico Boulevard. The food didn't stop coming! There was a jazz trio playing French melodies. The mixologist invented special cocktails for the evening. Everyone was so friendly and happy to be included. The troubles of our country and the world were forgotten for a few hours. It was a lovely respite.
Fruit and Cheese Platter

Chinese Chicken Salad

At street level, the home looks ordinary, if a bit updated and sleek. You walk into the dining room and kitchen. There are bedrooms and bathrooms on this floor. At the end of the kitchen area is a staircase that leads down to the great room and yard. This is where most of the party took place. It's all so modern and beautiful!
Three Special Golden Birthday Cakes

So great running into my childhood friend, Lori

Our hosts, Eric and Rhonda

To see more photos of this terrific party, click on this LINK
Thank you Rhonda and Eric for a fabulous Saturday night!

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