Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All the News!

From right to left, top row, that's Crystal, Regina and Phyllis. Bottom Row, from left to right, Kathy and Faith. These are the lovely WeHo SnB models for my latest Newsboy Hats! For the past two weeks I've been consumed with crocheting Newsboy Hats! I saw this pattern in the latest Family Circle Crochet Magazine. Jennifer at our WeHo SnB made the hat in a gorgeous beige sparkly yarn. I was immediately smitten (with the hat)! I made the first Newsboy Hat out of Red Heart TLC Amore'. It turned out kinda' billowy, but great. That's Larry's cousin, Megan Underhill modeling the cranberry color Amore' hat. I thought Noro Kureyon would be a good, stiff yarn for this hat. So, I trundled over to A Mano on Venice Blvd. where they have a fairly good selection of Noro. I picked up a navy blue colorway and made two more hats! That's the ever-agreeable Mr. Larry modeling the Noro Newsboys for me. On the second blue Noro hat I revised the pattern of the hat crown, but kept using the Family Circle brim pattern. After that success, I just couldn't stop. I made more Noro hats, picking up some very faboo colorways at Black Sheep Knittery in Hollywood. I made a Manos del Uruguay variegated wool Newsboy and I even crocheted a Caron multi-colored acrylic hat!
After I adapted the pattern (the crown resembles my crusher hat), I could whip out these babies in less than two hours each! I also added a small piece of plastic canvas between the brim pieces for more stability. At the beginning of December my office is having an employee craft sale. I'm hoping that these Newsboy Hats will be very popular! It is most satisfying to crochet a fashionable hat in such a short time with very little finishing. Another wonderful thing about the Newsboy Hat....it looks great on almost everyone! Thanks to Darcy and Natalie for being willing models too!



At 6:10 AM PST, Blogger ~drew emborsky~ said...

Of course they'll be popular! They are too cool!!! Woo hoo HOO!

At 8:50 AM PST, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

I love them but that Darcy model looks drunk! You guys have fun at SnB. I'll see you next week.

At 9:10 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen, those are fab! I know they'll sell like hotcakes.

At 2:01 PM PST, Blogger LadyLinoleum said...

These are awesome. You will rake in the $$$ with these!


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