Friday, October 06, 2006

HTML & Restaurants

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Yikes! I'm a novice at the HTML / website lingo. Many of the stitchers at the WeHo SnB are completely literate in this language. I was lucky to be sitting next to Jeffrey last night who codes for websites as a living. He's a genius. Jeffrey helped me with the proper code to link to the many restaurant reviews that I have written in the past year. You'll see the links on the right side of my page.
My restaurant reviews are not reviews like you'll see in the newspaper, magazines or on food blogs. My reviews are just what I like about a meal. I try to take good photos of the food and sometimes even the interior and exterior of the restaurant. I'll keep adding to the list as Mr. Larry and I experience new, old and different restaurants across our beautiful City.
Check out Jeffrey's new blog. He designs websites for a living, but found it easier to just use the Blogger template for his first attempt at personal blogging the trials and tribulations of a left-handed knitter in this right-handed world! We're looking forward to website innovations from Jeffrey in the future, when he has a chance to update. Good luck and thanks again, Jeffrey!

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This Weekend
It's Tar-Fest time!!! We're meeting Beth and Larry A. for dinner tonight at Luna Park on La Brea, then we'll be walking down the scenic Miracle Mile, visiting art galleries, including the Korean Cultural Center and the Ace Gallery in the historic, art-deco Desmond's Building.
Have a marvelous weekend, everyone!

ADDENDUM - I've started a new Restaurant Blog...see the link at the right of this page.



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