Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Some of the B-Day Girl's Pottery Collection
Yeah, I know. I've got projectitis and serious yarn attention deficit disorder. Things just come up. I can't help it. Yesterday we received a call from a friend. It's his wife's big b-day at the end of the month. We're invited to the surprise party. Shhhh! Don't tell.

Hmmm? What to get her for her big b-day? She has an extensive vintage pottery collection; she and her husband have recently remodeled their kitchen; this chick is the Martha Stewart of Inglewood. There are numerous possibilities for gift items. Every year they throw a few faboo parties. We are always invited. The lady of the house never ceases to amaze us with her hostess abilities. HOWEVER, since she is so into entertaining, decorating and such, she has just about every item ever invented for the kitchen. The vintage pottery is quite expensive and difficult to find. So, I figured that I should really knit or crochet her something spectacular.

I've always had great success and compliments on my Seraphina Shawls. They are fast to crochet, they look complicated (they're not really) and they pack a mighty good present punch. I don't see the B-Day Girl that often, but when I do she's usually wearing pastels. She is blonde, fair and peachy. She tends to wear pale blues, greens.
The Yarn is the Same Color as the Accent Tile and the Walls!
Her new kitchen is a gorgeous shade of celadon and creamy yellow. I found just the right shade of pale green yarn today at the crafts shop, picked up a few skeins of Simply Soft by Caron and started wailing on a Seraphina for her. If she doesn't want to wear this as a shawl, she can always use it for a tablecloth!!!!



At 5:07 PM PST, Blogger Pam said...

Love that color, and if it goes well with the kitchen, why not! Good for you! -Pam

At 5:43 PM PST, Blogger Kath said...

The shawl looks wonderful and I'm sure she'll love it.

At 9:04 PM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

She will love the shawl. Who wouldn't?!

At 6:21 AM PST, Blogger Jenn said...

What a wonderful gift! Her collection is amazing. I'm sure she will love the shawl.

At 9:19 AM PST, Blogger mary said...

That shawl is going to look perfectly vintage-y with her kitchen and pottery. Love it!

At 10:22 AM PST, Anonymous Christine G. said...

What a pretty shawl! The color is lovely. Good job Ellen.

At 11:43 AM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Love that accent tile - how convenient that you happen to have a picture of it!! I think that shawl is beautiful (SS is still my favorite all-around yarn). I can just see her relaxing in her kitchen, mebbe with a cup o' tea, thoroughly enjoying the beautiful shawl that takes the chill off that January morning...

At 12:25 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Your tidy stitches send me into a paroxysm of joy! She'll love her celandon shawl!

At 4:07 PM PST, Blogger mehitabel said...

I vote with the majority here--she will just LOVE the shawl! She may even alternate wearing it and using it on the table so she doesn't have to hide it away--I think that's what I'd do. The pottery is great! How neat to have such a great place to showcase the collection, too!


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