Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Mysterious Vent (probably for methane)

Yup. I'm old.
My doctor tells me that I've existed too long on a salty, fatty, sugary and delicious diet. Time to lighten up and bring the blood pressure down. Knitting and crocheting are sedentary arts. I haven't quite perfected walking and knitting yet. I'm working on it though.

I've tried to eliminate as much salt and sugar as possible from my diet. I'm eating more natural fruits and veggies. I've also started walking in the morning around my neighborhood.

Original Chain-Link Gate

Walking at 6:30 in the morning in my urban neighborhood is quite interesting. I don't listen to music while I walk, I just huff and puff for about a half-hour. I do take my camera with me. I've seen some interesting architecture and excellent remodeling projects goin' on. Our neighborhood was built in the late 1920's. Many of the homes, duplexes and apartment buildings are original. I love seeing old fences, hardware, etc. that you don't often see in newer areas.
Spanish Revival Balcony

Art Deco Moderne Balcony

I've met many of my doggie neighbors and seen all of the super-healthy runners. Of course, the plants and flowers are quite nice too! Since my b-day almost a month ago, I've lost 15 pounds! Woo Hoo!
Pink Crepe Myrtle Tree @ Our House

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At 12:34 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work Ellen! I'm inspired.

Christine G.

At 1:02 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do believe there are studies showing that knitting does indeed bring the blood pressure down. Seriously!

Yet another reason why I. Should. Start. Knitting. Again.

At 1:09 PM PDT, Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

YAY! I wish I lived in an interesting/safer area for early AM walking.
I've taken a few 5:30 am jogs around the local's weird there are parents dropping their kids off there a 5:30 am. I hope that there is at least some pre start of school program where these kids can go instead of hanging out in the dark till 8am.
Keep it up and keep the cool photos a flowing!

At 1:46 PM PDT, Blogger woolanthropy said...

I am so proud of you! Most people don't even listen to their doctors. But your walks around the neighborhood are going to keep you knitting and crocheting for a good long time. 15 lost pounds is a t-riff incentive too. Hope you don't disappear!

At 2:10 PM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

Wow! 15 pounds lost in only a month is a fantastic result. Good for you Ellen! I look forward to seeing lots more photos from around your neighbourhood. It looks a very interesting place indeed!

At 2:17 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
I'm sure that about 10 pounds of the 15 I've lost is all water! Must keep trudging on!

At 4:07 PM PDT, Anonymous Carol said...

Ellen, hurrah! Walking is the very best way to start on that downward path.

At 4:38 PM PDT, Blogger Sara said...

Way to go with the commitment to walking!

At 4:45 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I know it's not easy, but I'm glad you're listening to your doctor and getting healthier. Keep on truckin', baby!

At 5:15 PM PDT, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

Good for you! Walking is such great exercise and you really do see things you don't notice driving by. I'm walking to the shuttle to work now, but going over the Olive Ave. bridge over the freeway makes me nervous..

At 7:35 PM PDT, Blogger Sally said...

wow, ellen, way to go! I walk an hour EVERY DAY and this summer walked two hours at high altitude EVERY DAY and have lost about three pounds. I have a German Shepherd. And no candy during that time.

I was starting to think walking was a fake exercise for health benefits.

At 8:43 PM PDT, Blogger mary said...

Congrats on a healthier you! WAy to go, baybee!

At 8:42 AM PDT, Blogger jenna! said...

That's awesome! Good for you!

And, you know, I had no idea that chain link gates with that little adornment at the top were original to the era. We have one as the gate to the backyard; I thought it was tacky and added by the disco happy people who occupied the house before us. Now I can call it original and be proud of it.


At 11:32 AM PDT, Blogger KnittingBlueContent said...

Congrats on the 15 lbs!

Your picture of the Spanish Revival balcony is great, and a perfect reminder to always look up, down and all around while I have my camera in hand.

Selfishly, I'm rooting that it takes you a long time to nail down the walking/knitting skill - until then your hands are free to snap interesting photos of your 'hood, lol!

At 5:51 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey that's a thought! It's like we're walking with you. Keep on walking.

At 6:03 AM PDT, Blogger ChelleC said...

Oh quit with the "it's all water" comment!!! Arrrgghh. No it's YOU and your changing way of life. Yay for you.

I love the walks, and enjoy your photos.

At 11:36 AM PDT, Blogger Will Pillage For Yarn said...

I love that you are turning your journey to better health into yet another reason to ADORE Los Angeles!!! Go you!

At 5:57 PM PDT, Blogger carlita dee said...

Awesome, Ellen! Wow. Congrats on the 15 lbs.

I was about to eat bon bons, but you've inspired me to have a date with Billy tonight!

At 6:26 PM PDT, Blogger Mary Tess said...

I'm impressed by your dedication. Maybe you'll inspire me to walk more. And thank you for the photos of the houses in your neighborhood. I love the architecture of LA--especially the buildings built in the 1920s.

At 3:45 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

OH, BREAK MY HEART!!! Your neighborhood is my old neighborhood (which we knew already) and you posted a picture of MY OLD HOUSE!!! ("Spanish Revival Balcony", lower unit) Which I miss, very much. I especially miss paying the considerably lower rent, but also, the duplex was HUGE. Sigh. Good for you, tho, for the walking. My doctor also recommend I do that, but I have yet to comply. :(


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