Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes Sunday

Many of my favorite times are when I'm sittin' and knittin' (or crochetin') with my homegirls. Of course, I attend our beloved WeHo SnB at the Original Farmers Market every Thursday night (see you later tonight, Ladies). I also really enjoy our Fairview Knitters group on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. HOWEVER, my most fave group is my Sometimes Sunday crochet group. This is a small group, never more than six people, usually around four. We meet when we can, always on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Many of the ladies in our Sometimes Sunday group are relatively new to crochet. They see the infinite possibilities and beauty of yarniness.New crocheters often see ways of crocheting that us old-timers have long forgotten. They all have beautiful and colorful homes that inspire us.
Thank you, Sometimes Sunday group!!
Last Sunday we met at Lori's lively, vibrant motivating! Lori is looking for a way to cover an old ottoman in her living room. I found Daniela's covered footstool on Ravelry......scrumptious!

Go for it, Lori! This idea would look FANTASTIC in your living room!

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At 9:58 PM PDT, Blogger Beth McDermott Oliver said...

Colorful blog today - scrummy!

At 8:08 AM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

It IS very colorful. I love getting together and making stuff. It just feels so danged good.

At 9:44 AM PDT, Blogger Darci said...

Ohhhh...thanks for the ottoman inspiration. I need to start some color planning.

At 10:14 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the ottoman cover...I really need to find my crochette hooks and give it a try again!

At 2:27 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

I feel so honored that I was at one of these Sometimes meetings. Fun! And talent!
also, would you please stop posting things I want to crochet? please? I love that footstool.

At 4:38 PM PDT, Blogger carlita dee said...

I love this footstool!

At 4:44 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I LOVE this footstool too, everyone! The gears in my brain are working right now to figure out a pattern for the hassock in my living room!!!


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