Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Santa is On His Way

Hot Salsa Kitchen Cabinets

Santa Larry has been very busy in our antiquated kitchen. I've been kvetching and crying over this crummy kitchen for YEARS!! Larry is Mr. DIY Guy. He knows that if he hires someone to paint the kitchen it will never be completed the exact way he WANTS it to be done. Soooooooo, for the past several months, between photo assignments, Santa Larry has been working on our kitchen update. We're not doing any remodeling, just cosmetic clean-up!
First, Larry patched, plastered and painted our back porch white. Then he installed our newish stainless steel refrigerator. Eventually, he'll be building shelves around the fridge for storage.
Next up, the lower kitchen cabinets were strengthened, cleaned and painted a dark terra-cotta color to match an extra cabinet and work surface that I bought at IKEA. Hopefully, during Xmas vacation, the walls will be painted minty green to blend with the existing tile and the upper cabinets and trim will be painted white-white. My job will be to make curtains, change out the table cloth and accessorize appropriately.

Minty Green Paint to Compliment Existing Tile

I keep collecting photos like the ones below for inspiration. Trade out the aqua for mint green and the red for terra cotta.....dream kitchen!

Dream Kitchen Examples

We'll discuss doing something about the icky linoleum at that point. We could tear up the existing lino and replace it with something decorative like black & white check floor OR we could strip the wooden-sub floor, stain and varnish it. I saw this treatment on a house in our neighborhood and I rather like the farm house floor look.
Thanks, Santa!!! This is exactly what I wanted for my holiday gift this year!!

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At 9:03 PM PST, Blogger susanc said...

Love it Ellen! I love the red. :) Santa Larry is doing a great job!

At 6:37 AM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That is so greta looking! Its going to be wonderful with all your collectibles in there, and so YOU.

At 8:50 AM PST, Blogger blandina said...

Oh, I like this colour combination, so daring! Santa Larry is the best.

At 12:58 PM PST, Blogger Natalie said...

LOVE the red. Santa Larry has been dong good work.

At 4:30 AM PST, Blogger Lisa R-R said...

Looks fabulous indeed. At present I tilt toward the black and white floor, but wood is also very nice.

At 6:52 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

You were right, the colors are fab together!!!! Just in time to enjoy with all the holiday celebrating going on!


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