Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday

Yucca Boulevard, Yucca Valley, 1952
(click on photo to embiggen)

On of our favorite areas is the tri-city area of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and 29 Palms in California's high desert.  It's a bit cooler here than the Palm Springs area and waaaaay more funky and rural.  The desert vistas are amazing.
I borrowed this photo from the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Archives.  It is from their Herald Examiner collection.  The description reads, "Business signs (G&M Market, Callahan's, Hi-Desert Hardware, Union 76, Valley Rexall Drugs, Real Estate) advertise on this stretch of Yucca Boulevard.  A Joshua tree is in the foreground and mountains provide a backdrop to the town." Photo dated July 20, 1952 (which just happens to be my birthday)!
The season is gearing up in the tri-city area.  Check out The Sun Runner's Calendar for upcoming events.  Stay cool for the weekend everyone!

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At 9:01 PM PDT, Blogger Patricia said...

Love your photos. I always have a circa 1955...when we arrived in So. Cal...a family of 6 packed into a brown Chevy Station wagon...having traveled route 66 from the midwest. I swear we drove on that street!

At 10:17 PM PDT, Blogger -K- said...

Great photo. Reminds me of a Billy Wilder movie that I cna't remember the name of..."Ace in The Hole", except it's set in New Mexico in the early fifties.


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