Monday, October 28, 2013

Friday Dinner

New Orleans and it's food holds a sentimental place in our hearts.  Larry and I met at Jazz Fest, 1990 in New Orleans.   We were married in '92 on Fat Tuesday.  A few months later we had a backyard N'awlins-style dance and dinner for our wedding reception with Cajun food and the Zydeco Party Band for dancin'.
I'd read about this place that was said to have the best shrimp po' boy sandwich this side of New Orleans.  Since Uncle Darrow's moved out of our neighborhood years ago, we decided to take a trip to Overhill and Slauson and check out Orleans & York Deli
This is a busy corner in the Windsor Hills section of L.A.  One corner houses Simply Wholesome (the former 'Wich Stand), another corner has Puerto Nuevo Restaurant and the corner with Orleans & York has a newish Wings 'n Greens stand, a couple of other small mini-mall places and the fancier La Louisianne Restaurant.  

On Friday night at 6:30, Orleans & York was hoppin'.  There's a long counter where you can eat inside and a large table outside.  Many people were getting dinner to go.  We perused the menu and decided to split a shrimp po' boy and each try a cup of chicken gumbo.  The soft drink selection is excellent...many unusual sodas available.  They also carry an array of Zapp's chips, Cajun potato salad and macaroni salad.  There's a New Orleans side and a New York side to the menu.  The sub-sandwiches looked delicious.  While we were waiting for our order, we spoke to a few satisfied patrons and two L.A. Fireman.  All raved about the food.

Our shimp po' boy was fresh and delicious.  The cornbread fried shrimps were plump and tasty.  My only gripe is that the bread wasn't the usual soft roll used in New Orleans.  The bread was delicious, but it was suited more for the sub-sandwiches (NY) than for a po' boy.  Forget about the chicken gumbo.  Nothing matches the smokey file' taste of Uncle Darrow's gumbo.  Orleans & York's chicken gumbo was institutional tasting...reminiscent of Campbell's canned gumbo.  Bleah.  Uncle Darrow.....come back to the 'hood!  Please!

I would definitely go back to Orleans & York if I'm in the area.  I also want to try those wings and greens across the parking lot! 
Simply Wholesome's distinctive 'wich spire!

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At 8:26 PM PDT, Blogger prsc said...

Thanks, for the tip, Ellen. I haven't had a decent shrimp Po' Boy since a fateful 1990 trip Larry and I took to Nawlins. He and I had several great Po' Boys while we were down there (okay, well I did). We even got to go to the now closed, world famous Uglische's. But 1990 is an awfully long time to go without having a great Po' Boy. He also met some gal down there who turned out to be from our neck o' the woods. He sure took a shine to her...


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