Friday, October 25, 2013

L.A. Eyeworks Sale This Weekend

We've been going to the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frame sale for at least 8 years, maybe longer.  Check out a few of my old posts here.   There are lots of photos of me with brown
hair!  Well, since my hair is silver now, I need different color frames!  Last year I purchased my perfect frames.  They are silver and sparkly.  I love them.  However, I do need a change of frames once in awhile. 
This sale is really fun.  You meet all kinds of people.  The one problem for me is that once I take my prescription glasses off, it's difficult to see how I look in any of the frames that I try on.  It's always good to go with someone who can click a digi-pic of you in the new frames.  Then, put your prescription glasses back on and look at the photo.  Brilliant.
Don't worry about getting to the sale early.  The staff keeps pulling out boxes and boxes of frames all weekend long.  I'll be at the sale this Sunday around 11 am.  
This is Vintage Photo Friday.  Here are a few of my four-eyed friends! 

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At 12:02 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

You know it kills me every year when you post this, I want to go to this with you!! Happy spec shopping. I am desparately in need of some cool new frames. I am thinking of returning to round, in a good color.

At 2:33 PM PDT, Blogger Ana Petrova said...

I'm planning to go! I just made an appointment to have my eye exam and I need new frames!

Thanks Ellen for the reminder!


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