Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Seen Around Town

I like to SNAP!  I snap pix all over town!  Here are a few good ones!

Amazing St. Patrick's Day Display at Norm's Restaurant, La Cienega, in the refrigerated case!

Norm's - Aren't there supposed to be freshly baked cakes and pies in here?

Empty Beverly Hills Parking Lot, Little Santa Monica Blvd. @ Roxbury Dr.

Dolly.  Wacko, East Hollywood

The destruction of Von's, WLA, formerly Safeway.  LOVE that curved roof!

We are anxiously awaiting our friends' arrival.  Jacquie and Bob are coming in from Las Vegas for a couple of days.  FIELD TRIPS in Los Angeles - my fave!

Norm's Restaurant Photos by Larry Underhill

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