Monday, October 06, 2014

Movies. DTLA.

Downtown Independent Theater

Sunday morning, we dodged the closed streets Downtown, resulting from Ciclavia and went to the Downtown Indedpendent Theater to see "This Ain't No Mouse Music: The Story of Chris Strachwitz and Arhoolie Records."  We'd met the founder of Arhoolie Records, Chris Strachwitz, when we were in Louisiana last Spring.  The documentary is informative, well shot and chock full of our favorite kind of American roots music.  It plays at the Downtown Independent for one more day.  Be sure to see it if you have the chance. 

Modern Design of the Downtown Independent Theater

The Independent Theater used to be the Linda Lea Theater.  Here is what the theater looked like BEFORE it's major remodel:

Linda Lea Theater.  Photo by Kenneth McIntyre, 2007
From the Independent's website:  This theater had once been very popular, exhibiting Japanese films but had been closed since the 80's.  It was demolished in 2007 to make way for the new ImaginAsian Theatre, opening in December 2007. The two side walls are the only things remaining from the original structure.  The ImaginAsian was soon renamed the Downtown Independent, a hip venue for indie films, foreign cinema and documentaries.
I found an earlier photo of this theater, originally called The Arrow Theater.  By 1939, The Arrow was showing Spanish language movies.

The Arrow Theater, 1939.  USC Photo Archives

I was impressed with the Downtown Independent Theater.  It's sleek, clean, has an excellent sound system and comfy chairs.  I will be returning.

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