Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hobby Sweaters

"Big Lebowski / Dude" Sweater by Camp Kitschy Knits

My good friend and faboo photographer, Gale Zucker, brought these updated versions of "Hobby Sweaters" to my attention last year.  Gale was hired by Camp Kitschy Knits to photograph these creations for their website.  Camp Kitschy Knits has sweaters knitted from popular patterns of the 1950's and 1960's by indigenous Quechua women in Ecuador's Andes Mountains. Camp Kitschy has a nice selection of sweater patterns, including the very popular "Big Lebowski/Dude" sweater (above).

Camp Kitschy Knits, Anglers Pride Sweater

Camp Kitschy Knits, Hockey Sweater

I've seen patterns for these sweaters in magazines my entire life.  I recently came across some great advertisements for these sweaters in McCall's Neddlework and Crafts from 1959-60 and 1963-64. This is how I found out they were called "Hobby" sweaters. Previously I just referred to them as "Cowichan" or "Canadian" sweaters.

These folks are either early or late to the game.  Where is everyone else?

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Many different companies offered patterns for these popular sweaters

I could not resist. I ordered one of the sweaters for Mr. Larry for the holidays. Close to Christmas I was notified by the owner of Camp Kitschy Knits that they were back-ordered and I wouldn't receive my sweater until after the holidays. OK. I could live with that. Larry's birthday is on January 12th. As long as I received the sweater by then, it would be OK. I didn't hear from Camp Kitschy Knits at all. Just before Larry's birthday I e-mailed to check on my order. No reply. THEN, I posted a note on their Facebook page. I finally received a reply apologizing for the delay. We received the sweater toward the end of January. It was worth it. The sweater is great! Sooooo, if you decide to order one of these sweaters, leave yourself plenty of lead time.  
I ordered the Oil Field Derrick Sweater for Larry.  We live close to that oil well on Pico, east of Fairfax, disguised to look like a windowless office building. Once, there were oil rigs all over our neighborhood. Tar Pits, just north of us. Methane explosions close by. We identify.
Larry's Oil Field Derrick Sweater from Camp Kitschy Knits

Updated knit patterns of these sweaters can be found on Ravelry. It might be fun to attempt one of these knits!

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At 2:38 AM PST, Blogger ES said...

Fab cardigan!!

At 8:02 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love !


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