Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Priscilla & Elvis Presley in Beverly Hills, 1967

Today is Elvis Presley's 79th birthday.  Happy Birthday to the King.  In 1967 Elvis and Priscilla purchased a home in Beverly Hills.  The address was 1174 North Hillcrest Road, Trousdale Estates.  Hey!  I was living down the block at the same time.....waaaaay down the block at Hillcrest Road and Carmelita.  I didn't even know that Elvis lived in Trousdale at the time.  Back then, Elvis wasn't exactly popular with my crowd.  We were more interested in the Beatles and Rolling Stones.  I always appreciated Elvis' musicality and performance style, but it wasn't until after he passed away that I truly realized his magic.
I've always admired those faboo mid-century modern and especially Regency style homes in beautiful Trousdale Estates!
1174 North Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills

Elvis's House.  Photo by Max Eckert

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At 7:19 PM PST, Blogger Unknown said...

I've lurked here for ages admiring your crochet and Larry's photos, but your tribute to Elvis causes me to reveal myself. Love the photos of his home in LA. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to the King!

At 10:05 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks, Unknown! I always appreciate positive comments. I do wish I knew your identity!!!

Ellen B.

p.s. most of the photos on my blog are taken by me, not Larry (unless noted).


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