Monday, January 13, 2014

TV is OK and So Is Sheila

On Saturday afternoon, Larry and I drove over to Phil Savenick's private "TV is OK" Museum on the westside.  In addition for an opportunity to view many historic television artifacts, this was an informal gathering to highlight the fact that Sheila Kuehl is running for L.A. County Supervisor for the 3rd district, which includes Santa Monica, West Hollywood, San Fernando, Malibu and parts of Los Angeles.  Sheila has already been our assemblywoman and state senator.  Term limits bring her back to L.A.  It was a pleasure meeting Sheila.  She gave a short speech and then answered various questions about Los Angeles.  She's very smart, concise and personable.  Sheila is really qualified for this job!   We live in the 2nd District.  If we lived in the 3rd, I'd definitely vote for Sheila Kuehl.  
Phil Savenick and Sheila Kuehl

Because of Sheila's connection with early television in Los Angeles, Phil's Museum of TV was a perfect gathering place for this event.  Phil gave us a short tour of his collection along with a brief history of the beginnings of television.  

His collection of TV artifacts is impressive.  Phil even unearthed a few clips of Sheila's early television career for us to view. 
Phil regales us with tales of TV's inventor, Philo Farnsworth
BHHS alums, Sara Berman Rutenberg and Peter Rutenberg

After the event, a few of my fellow Beverly Hills buddies were given a sneak peek of Phil's work on the 2014 City of Beverly Hills Centennial movie, "Beverly Hills. 100 Years.  100 Stories."  It's coming along beautifully. 
Edit Bay....where the magic happens.  Viewing a rough cut of BH Centennial Film
Thanks to Phil and Suzanne for a delightful and informative afternoon!

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