Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Thinkspace is an art gallery on Washington Boulevard in East Culver City. It's right next door to one of our favorite local Italian restaurants, Brunello. Thinkspace had an opening on Saturday night. We decided to have dinner at Brunello and check out the show.
Dinner at Brunello is always good!

The main artist is Fernando Chamarelli. Fernando is from Brazil. His pieces are very graphic and colorful. His acrylic paintings are lively and filled with visual references to his Brazilian heritage and more.
Lots of "sold" red dots for Fernando!

Paintings by Fernando Chamarelli

Most impressive was a full-sized carpet, woven with Fernando's design.  WOW!  I'd never walk on that rug!  The back is as beautiful as the front.
Rug, designed by Fernando Chamarelli

Their were three artists represented at the show.  My other favorite was Drew Leshko. Drew is from Philadelphia. He creates architecture from paper. Shown at Thinkspace were a series of garbage bins and related items. These are dollhouse scale.  I can just see a trailer-trash Barbie standing next to that old rusty ice machine with a worn out ice bucket! Check out Drew's website to see his other amazing creations!
"Yams" Dumpster by Drew Leshko

Paper Architecture by Drew Leshko

It was a fun evening.

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