Friday, June 13, 2008

Knit in Public Day

Why is this day different than any other day? I knit in public ALL the time! Tomorrow, Saturday, June 14, 2008 is World Wide Knit in Public Day. I plan to KIP at the Original Farmers Market (3rd and Fairfax) from 10am to noon, upstairs dining area with our WeHo SnBr's. Later in the day (3:30 -5:30) I'll be at Clover Park in Santa Monica with the Fairview Knitters. There should be groups all over the City. Join in or start your own!
I finished edging my red shawl the other day. After a quick wash in the machine with some fabric softener, I wore it to the WeHo SnB last night. I LOVE the color and am very pleased how it turned out. I will probably make a few more stole-like shawls this summer. They're like big swatches.
Crocheted Edge on Knitted Shawl
Have a great weekend!



At 1:55 PM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

Wow! Ellen - I absolutely LOVE how your shawl has turned out. It's such a great colour and it looks totally faboo on you! Enjoy your weekend :)

At 2:32 PM PDT, Anonymous MX said...

Very VERY pretty!

At 7:18 PM PDT, Blogger woolanthropy said...

Red is very good on you!
Love it!

At 10:25 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

Okay, so I'm catching up on blog here's another comment. *grin*

LOVE your red shawl!!! You rock it, baby.

Looks like you had a good time WWKIP-ing, too. (I had to go to a graduation party and missed all the fun, but I did get to talk about knitting/crochet at the party.) You're an honor to the cause!


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