Monday, June 09, 2008

Action-Packed Weekend

Van's Classic Slip-Ons with design by Niagara

We were reallllly busy this weekend. On Friday, Larry was invited to a VIP opening of a great new exhibit at Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery in East Culver City. Larry does a lot of photo work for the Gallery. The show, Niagara "Van's Special Exhibition," featured paintings, handbags and Van's tennis shoes all by artist, Niagara. Niagara lives and works in Detroit, but she was at the opening, along with other artists from the low-brow scene, including the godfather of the movement, Robert Williams.

Since this was a special VIP opening before the public opening, there were gift bags! Woo Hoo! We each received a very large tote-bag, with a Niagara image on it (heaven knows I can always use a hot tote); there was a cool double CD of Niagara's music inside, along with a faboo t-shirt, the current issue of Juxtapoz Magazine and the best of all.....a $50 gift certificate to get a pair of custom Van's!!!
The crowd was hipper than hip....mostly. There were some poseur-types, along with the art celebs. I was particularly fascinated by this group of chicks wearing high suede boots and short, short skirts. They moved in a group, never leaving each other's side. I'm sure they coordinated their outfits ahead of time, "Let's wear our winter boots with summer dresses!" Sheep. Maybe one day they will learn that when you attend an art opening in L.A., you either wear all black or you wear art on your back and make a statement as an individual, like Leopard-Head-Man...he was extremely cool!

Anyway, Billy Shire Fine Arts is an excellent gallery, along with it's sister gallery in East Hollywood, La Luz de Jesus. You really should get on their mailing lists. They have divine openings!

After spending about an hour at the reception, we zoomed down Venice Blvd. to Palms for a delicious dinner at Miyako. More about other weekend events later....

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At 4:05 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud at you and your "sheep" sighting. You're too funny.

At 5:23 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the feminist take in Niagara's artwork!

christine g.

At 7:23 PM PDT, Blogger sappmama said...

My fave is of Larry, mixing it up with the young bucks.

At 8:43 PM PDT, Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

I KNOW! I mean the winter boots with summer dresses makes me want to ask..."Now are you hot or are you cold? You seem to have gear for both temperatures."
Like a bikini with ear muffs and a scarf.
I do think the did dress each other before they left the house.

At 9:17 PM PDT, Blogger KnittingBlueContent said...

Man, I'm sooo jealous! Vans were de rigeour (sp?) growing up in Pismo Beach in the early 80s. The coolest of the cool-cat surfer boys sported slip on white on whites. Minimalists. I myself had purple/pink slip ons. Surfer/jocks were known by their classic denim tie-ups. If only there were "I'm not your bitch" vans back when I was in H.S. The conniption my parents would have had? Priceless, lol.

When someone creates the pill that can shrink us down to the size of a mouse, I so wanna hang out in your pocket! You and the Mr. participate in the neatest stuff EVER.

At 1:11 AM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

You go to the coolest events Ellen! The picture of the "group of chicks" makes me laugh. It's the standard look for the young 'uns here in the UK too. It's like some sort of weird uniform!


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