Thursday, June 05, 2008

Is It Wig Time Yet?

2007 Wig-Stars
Around this time last year, we held our annual West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch WIG NIGHT at the Original Farmers Market. Hey Natalie! Is it time for wigginess again?

Miss Natalie is our WeHo SnB Cruise Director. She always organizes the BEST parties! I think I might have to invest in a new wig. Or, maybe I should crochet a wig!!!

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At 4:25 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the pinkish cast on many of the head-shots! It was a wild night.

At 10:56 PM PDT, Blogger sappmama said...

It only adds to the fabulosity!

At 11:07 PM PDT, Blogger woolanthropy said...

You might be right. It could be time to dust off a wig and have some fun.

At 1:31 PM PDT, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

Now that was a fun night! I will be there with bells on, and a wig.


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