Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Afghan from "Nanny McPhee"
Am I crazy? Yes! I joined a swap on Ravelry for a "Granny McPhee" afghan.
This is a blanket seen in the 2006 movie, "Nanny McPhee" starring Emma Thompson. I didn't see the movie, but I really like the blanket!
There are 20 members in the swap group. We all have to crochet five squares for each member using Vanna's Choice yarn. Yikes! That's 100 squares! The pattern is a classic granny square, four rounds and must measure between 4-1/2" and 4-3/4". There was much e-mailing and photo-taking back and forth until we arrived at that calculation!
Some people have preferences for their squares, like "no white yarn, no variegated yarn, no dark colors on the fourth round, try to use "Sapphire Blue" in one of the rounds but not the last one." Sheesh! I thought the purpose of a swap is to be surprised at what you receive? My only preference...."weave in your ends!"
So, in addition to my usual ongoing projects, I've been crocheting Granny McPhee squares like mad. I can turn out almost two squares in just under 30 minutes. So, during an evening of watching primetime TV, I can usually crochet about five squares. So far, I've mailed squares to five swap members. only 15 more to go!!!
This might be my FIRST and LAST swap. Next time I'll just crochet my own 100 squares for an afghan!

Speaking of Granny-Mania, check out this chick's blog!!! I love it and am afraid of it all at the same time. You?

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At 3:59 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, I went to that linked blog and now my head is throbbing. Seriously, it is.

Christine G.

At 5:09 PM PDT, Anonymous Suzette said...

Aaauuuggghhh, that blog is crochet overload!!! I mean, gorgeous and inspiring, but where do these people find the time? And all those ends to weave in! Oh well, guess I'm just jealous. :)

At 5:22 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Great googily moogily!! I thought YOU were intimidating, with your many-colored granny squares. That blog makes my head hurt. Beautiful, tho. I envy your (and all those other folks') ability to put the colors together and make it really look lovely.

At 2:48 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Holy Cats! I think she is giving you a run for the money on the grannies. What a profusion of granniness.

Man, that swap sounds like a challenge. Good luck. I can't wait to see all the squares you get in the mail and what you do with them.


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