Thursday, May 31, 2012


During the month of May I participated in a Photo-A-Day-May 2012 challenge, organized by FatMumSlim.  Many of my friends participated too.  It was fun to see what they posted. Everyday there was a different photo prompt.  There are a few flickr groups to find everyone else's photos, or you can just search #photoadaymay.  There's also a group for Photo A Day 2012 on flickr.  
It was fun, at first, but then the prompts got tedious.  I kept up with the assignments, but I'm glad that May is over.  Oh, the pressure to produce!!
Here's a link to my entire Phot0-A-Day-May 2012 album.  I did manage to take a few shots that I like and will use again.  Below are a few of my faves:
Day # 6.  Me.  In Larry's Used Car Lot

Day #9.  Something I Do Everyday.  Hug My Honey
Day #13.  Mom.  Holding a Photo of her Mom
Day #16.  What I'm Reading
Day #17.  Snack
Day #25.  Unusual

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blossom Alliance

Plenty of Design Space
On Sunday, at our Sometimes Sunday Crochet Group, we were taken on a tour of Lori's new floral studio for her company, Blossom Alliance.  Lori's new workshop is awesome.  

Huge refrigerator for the freshest flowers!
She has everything needed for a full-fledged floral design business.  
The customer base for Blossom Alliance is growing by leaps and bounds.  Contact Lori for all of your floral necessities! 

She's a pro!  See more of Lori's floral designs here.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Location

Mendocino Farms, Paper Source; Trader Joes, 3rd & Fairfax, L.A.
For those of you that do not have a Trader Joes Grocery Store near your neighborhood, Trader Joes is a chain store that offers discounts on many items.  These items are different, interesting and tasty.  We've been addicted to this store for over 45 years.  Actually, TJ's started out as the Pronto Market.  We used to go to one on National Blvd. near Overland Avenue.  In 1967, the name was changed to Trader Joes.  They've been expanding like crazy, all over the nation.

Immense Parking Lot
There are a few TJs within 5-10 minutes driving time from our house.  NOW, there's one about 3 minutes from home.  The new store at 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue is faboo!  It's across the street from my home-away-from-home, the Original Farmers Market.  In fact, this new TJ's complex of shops is on Gilmore Company property.  The Gilmores own the Farmers Market and Grove property.  
Beautiful Landscaping
When I saw the signs go up for a new TJs on this corner, I thought to myself....oh's going to be so crowded...the parking will be a mess...the building will be an ugly big box.  But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Since the Gilmores built the building, they kept it in the beautiful International architectural style similar to their North Lot Market; the parking lot is ground level, huge, easy-in/easy-out; the interior of the store is gigantic....wide aisles...there's a wine-tasting bar inside!  
Check out those wide aisles!
There are a couple of other businesses on the lot...Paper Source and Mendocino Farms.  LOVE the Mendocino Farms in Marina del Rey....can't wait to try this location.
Mendocino Farms' Mascot
OK.  I'm a happy camper.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

We're lucky to have clear blue skies in Los Angeles today.   We're lucky to have the freedom to enjoy this holiday.  Thanks to all of those who serve and have served our country.
I found some photos of my Dad's first years in the U.S. Army, 1941, Fort Bliss, Texas.  Eventually, he achieved the rank of Major.  Dad spent 4-1/2 years in the service.  
Troop Truck, Fort Bliss, Texas, 1941
We never went camping as a family because Pop said that he never wanted to sleep on the ground again after all those years in the Army!  We went boating instead and sailed to Catalina...that's almost like camping.
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.
Major Bloom, 1943

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday

What is vintage?  Is it 50 years ago?  100 years ago?  I've seen people post photos from the 1980's and 1990's and call them vintage.  To me, that was just yesterday.  HOWEVER, since this is the anniversary of my Dad's death, 8 years ago, I decided to post two sweet photos of Dad, Mom and Me at my cousin Doug's wedding to his bride, Karen.  These photos were taken by Doug's father, Phil., the husband of my first cousin Marilyn.  I do believe the date was around 1992 in the San Fernando Valley.
Ellen, George and Roz Bloom.  1991 or 1992, San Fernando Valley

Photo by Phil Ronney
Miss you , Dad.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Kiss a veteran!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oooo...we're gearing up for this year's Summer Olympic Games in London.  On Ravelry, which is an online community for knitters and crocheters, we're gearing up for the Ravelympics!  Since these crafts are both quite sedentary, they are perfect for sitting and watching the Olympic Games on the telly.  
Here's how it works:  You peruse the categories for yarny excellence, choose a few as goals, then you line up the projects that you want to complete during the Games.  Once you've
decided on the projects you want to accomplish, you list them on your "projects" page on Ravelry and tag them with the category and the Ravelympics tag so others can search for your projects and watch your progress.  In my West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch Group, we have organized our own team, Team WeHoLaurie-Ann is our Captain.

Here are some of the events categories this year: 
afghan marathon afghans, blankets eventafghan
baby dressage baby items: anything baby eventbaby
bag-n-tote backstroke bags, totes, containers eventbag
balance beads beaded items eventbeads
cable steeplechase cables of all kinds eventcable
cast-on trap shoot cast on mania eventcaston
charity rowing items for charity eventcharity
colourwork crosscountry colourwork, fair-isle, eventcolourwork
cowl jump cowls, infinity scarves; things for neck joined in loop eventcowl
double-knit boxing double knit technique eventdoubleknit
felted freestyle all things made then felted eventfelted
frogging trampoline frogging projects eventfrog

I'd like to make something with the British flag on it or with the Olympic Rings.  I haven't decided.  Our Team Captain has suggested a few items:
Union Jack Slipover by Martin Storey (which I LOVE!)
Johnny Rotten Anarchy Mittens by Suzanne Stallard
British Flag Potholder by Anna Felder
 Make Do and Mend Pillow by Anna Elliott

I'd love to make that slipover vest for Larry in shades of grey. On the free pattern page, there are options to make a scarf, ladies' sweater, purse, etc. utilizing this same design. It's really stunning, but I think that's too ambitious of a project for a two-week window.
I do believe I'll use Anna Elliott's idea of the cushion...her color combos are dreamy, but I'll use Anna Felder's Brit Flag crocheted Potholder pattern for the flag portion of my cushion and crochet the other squares.
Here's the Ravelympics home page, if you're interested in joining!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mystery of the Missing Apple

Apple Street, Mid-City L.A.
Luckily, we live close enough to the Santa Monica Freeway so that it's easy for me to take it to and from work--Mid-City to Santa Monica--every day.  Of course, when there's heavy traffic, I take an alternate route.  I usually approach the Westbound Santa Monica Freeway from Washington Boulevard.  There's this little access street that takes you right to the on-ramp.  This street is called Apple Street.
About a month ago, I noticed that the name of the street had changed names to Electric Drive.  I thought it may have something to do with the new Expo Rail know, the former Pacific-Electric Railway?  However, the Expo Line runs way south of the Santa Monica Freeway, near Jefferson and Exposition  Boulevards.
 Electric Drive, Mid-City L.A.
Does anyone know why the street name was changed?  If so, let me know.  
I  don't like it when the City messes with my street names!  From my USC days, I still call Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Boulevard, Santa Barbara Avenue.  Caesar Chavez Avenue will always be Brooklyn Avenue in Boyle Heights.  It also bugs me when shopping centers get City streets named for them.  The Grove Drive near The Grove Shopping Center and the Original Farmers Market is really an extension of North Stanley Avenue, L.A..  In West L.A., the store, Bed, Bath and Beyond has named the driveway going into their parking lot Beyond Way, when really, it's an extension of Westgate Avenue. 
In earlier L.A. days, I remember my Dad telling that before Olympic Boulevard was called Olympic, it was 10th Street east of 20th Century Fox Studios and Country Club Drive, west of the Studio.  The City cut the street through the studio, added a bridge and named it Olympic just before the 1932 Olympic Games were held here.
O.K., I guess this is progress, but it disorients me!  Harumph!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Expo Line

On Sunday afternoon Larry and I decided to take a ride on our new Metro Train, the Expo Line.  For now, the farthest west that the Metro Train travels is La Cienega and Jefferson.  Soon, the Robertson-Culver Blvd. station should open.  I have seen evidence of construction for the Expo Line all the way out to Santa Monica.  Can't wait for that!
Metro Bridge over La Cienega Blvd.
We've been watching the City build the bridge near the La Cienega stop for a long time.  It was great to be able to park in the structure near the train (free)!  A one-way ticket is $1.50.  We boarded the train around 1pm.  These are NOT new train cars.  They look like the same ol' cars from the Red Line.  The upholstery on the seats is very 1993.  
We zipped down Jefferson, met up with Exposition and continued toward USC.  There are a few stops at street signals along the way.  The Farmdale Station at Dorsey High is not open yet. There are many stops in and around USC, the Coliseum, Sports Arena, California Science Center, Natural History Museum
Once we passed Figueroa, we were underground, beneath the Harbor Freeway.  Then, we turned north and came out on Flower Street, parallel to the Freeway.  We made it to the  last stop on this line, 7th Street Metro Station, got off and turned around.  It was about a 30 minute one-way trip.  Not bad.  Perfect for going to Staples Center or Nokia Live or many of the new restaurants at L.A. Live!  Our friend, The 99 Cent Chef, posted a report all about the restaurants along the Expo Line. Thanks, Billy!
Traveling North on Flower Street

We didn't have a chance to view all of the artwork at the various stations along the way, but we checked out the overhead murals at the La Cienega-Jefferson station.  They are by David Gonzales.  The series is called "Engraved in Memory."  I love these pieces, depicting the history of the Ballona Creek area of Mid-City L.A.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday Night Date

Larry bought tickets for the first night of the California Noir Festival at LACMA on Friday.  We'd seen the first movie several times ("Kiss Me Deadly"), but we hadn't seen the second of this double feature, "The Crimson Kimono." 

Since the movie didn't start until 9:25, we had dinner first at Slow Fish on the Miracle Mile.  We split everything we ordered:  The Famous Fat Avo--avocado filled with seared and seasoned albacore; Ascon--asparagus wrapped in bacon; and Seafood Yaki Udon.  Everything was delicious, served beautifully and promptly.  We will definitely return.

The Famous Fat Avo
Seafood Yaki Udon
 We arrived at the Museum around 8:30 and took a walk through the permanent collection to visit some old favorites.  LACMA was rather deserted on this foggy, almost summer night.  It was a pleasure, strolling through the galleries.

While waiting for "The Crimson Kimono" to start, we saw friends, Amy and Billy.  Always great running into like-minded L.A. fans!  We LOVED the movie!  It was shot all over Little Tokyo and other parts of Downtown L.A. and the Mid-Wilshire area, in 1959.  Parker Center, L.A. City Hall, the streets of Little Tokyo and the Gaylord Hotel were locations prominently featured. James Shigeta and Glenn Corbett certainly were heart-throbs!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday

Los Angeles, 1943

My cousin Marilyn was the first grandchild born to our grandparents, Sam and Freda.   Here is toddler Marilyn, age 3.  Her mother, Mae is holding her.  Aunt Celia is on the left and Aunt Roz is directly behind Marilyn.  Since Marilyn was the first grandchild, she was photographed quite a bit.  Here she is in her World War II WAC uniform.
I know this photo was taken in Los Angeles, probably at Marilyn's parents' house near Sunset Plaza.
I just LOVE the hair styles on those three sisters!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

God Bless Americana

Jacquie, Bob & Larry @ MOCA
On Sunday, after our Mother's Day activities, the four of us lazed around the house.  Well, Bob and Larry didn't laze around, they worked on the old cars in the backyard.  Bob is a great motivator. They eventually started the Dodge.  Once Larry installed a new fuel pump, he moved the Dodge and Chevy onto the driveway.  Woo Hoo!  We can finally see the backyard!
Jacquie and I crocheted and watched TV....definitely lazy.
Around 5-ish, we zoomed downtown for a quick sandwich and checked-in at the Museum of Contemporary Art, site of Charles Phoenix and his Big Retro Slide Show
1955 Slide of Wilshire & Hauser, Miracle Mile

Description for this event:  Live comedy performance by pop culture expert, Charles Phoenix, celebrating classic and kitschy SoCal life and style – car culture, road trips, tourist traps, theme parks, space age suburbia, fun fashions, theme parties and much more. Charles also shares his catchy enthusiasm for local landmarks, legends and lore and predicts retro inspired trends!!! Festive dress is encouraged but not expected.
Charles Phoenix, wearing his festive, hand-painted suit
Charles was great, of course. There's a reason he's been dubbed a "Hist-o-tainer." He was hopping around the stage like a better-dressed Mick Jagger, regaling us with his humor and faboo Kodachrome slides.  One of Charles' fans had a bobble-head doll made of him.  It's hilarious.

Just like Charles says, our spirits were soaring after this show!
Is it Bobble or is it Charles?

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