Friday, October 18, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

It's almost Halloween!  Have you thought about your costume this year?  Once again, I'll be attending the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch costume party at the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax, L.A., Thursday, October 31st, 7-9pm, upstairs dining area.  We have three costume categories:  Best overall costume; best use of yarn and best costume for this year's theme, "Saturday Night Live" character.  The SNL theme is quite broad.  SNL has been on the air since 1975, so there are tons of characters to choose from.  Join us for the fun.  You still have plenty of time to work on your costume.
To get you in the Halloween mood, check out this UnoCal storage tank at the refinery in Wilmington!
Photo by Thomas Kelsey, 1986 for the L.A. Times
Photo description in the L.A. Times:   Oct. 23, 1986: Painter applies last-minute touches to 3.3-million-gallon storage tank at the Unocal (now ConocoPhillips) storage tank at the company refinery in Wilmington. The tank, nicknamed ‘Smilin’ Jack’  has been painted every Halloween since 1952.  About 100 gallons of paint are used to freshen up the 73-foot-long smile and 18-foot-tall eyes.  ‘Smilin’ Jack’ is located at 1660 West Anaheim Street in Wilmington.
I couldn't resist....just one more photo of Smilin' Jack!
Photo by John Malmin, 1965 for L.A. Times

Photo description in the L.A. Times:  Smilin’ Jack’ sits among storage tanks at the Union Oil (now ConocoPhillips) refinery in Wilmington. Photographer John Malmin took this photo from a low-flying helicopter while on his way to a financial assignment in Los Angeles Harbor. 
Smilin' Jack will be on display this year!  Let's visit!

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