Thursday, July 02, 2015

Throw Back Thursday #tbt

L.A. Herald Examiner Photo Archives. 1951

In preparation for our 2015 Independence Day, we look to the past.

The photo above appeared in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner on July 4, 1951 and again on April 22, 1952.  

The caption for 1951 reads: "Children plug their ears in anticipation of an air raid siren going off.  Ooooo! is the way the Hubik children -- Julius, 6; Suerita, 10 and Margie, 7 -- voiced their reaction today to the wailing of Los Angeles' air raid sirens and ringing of church bells at noon as glorious Fourth of July was celebrated in observance of the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The blast also served as a country-wide test for the air raid sirens."

The photo caption for April 22, 1952 reads: "Braced for warning of biggest A-bomb test in the desert.  Young and old alike in Los Angeles are poised for 'It could happen here day' as the historic A-bomb nears target; sirens will sound 10 minutes before drop."

So, how are you preparing for your Independence Day celebration?

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