Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Summer

Melancholy sets in at the end of summer. Not about the weather. It will be hot in Los Angeles through October. It's the feeling of  fun-season ending. Sigh. In the summer, people take things a bit slower. The locals go on vacation. The tourists flood our City. When I go to public places like the Original Farmers Market, I meet people from all over the country. The mid-westerners are the friendliest. They always smile and say hello to everyone, even to strangers. This is sweet. We've lost that friendly factor here in Los Angeles. It's not a small town anymore. It's a big City. Nowadays, if a stranger says hello, we are suspicious. 
Let's relish these last days of summer by smiling and enjoying our beautiful City. 

LIFE Magazine Photo, Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills

There's still plenty of time to stroll Wilshire Boulevard and window-shop in our glorious sunshine.

Let's meet up with our girl friends and enjoy an ice-cream cone!

Venice Beach, 1935 - Katz Girls

Maybe we could head out to the beach with the family and check out the waves.
Whatever you decide to do this weekend, savor the last days of laziness!  Let's have lunch!
Original Farmers Market Patio, 1950's

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At 8:00 PM PDT, Blogger Norah said...

That Life magazine post looks like it's from the 50s? To hear some people talk nowdays, no one wore short shorts until recently! Maybe they're shorter now, but not by that much.

At 10:03 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

It's the very early 1960s, Norah! "We love short-shorts!"


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