Thursday, August 20, 2015

#tbt - 1972

Roz and Ellen in Beverly Hills, 1972. Photo by George

The year is 1972. My Dad took these photos with his trusty Minox spy camera, that's why the prints are so grainy. Those negatives were teensy, tiny! 
January, 1972

My Mom and I are walking down a street that looks to be in Beverly Hills, probably heading to a restaurant. 35 cents to park for 30 minutes!?! Next shot, we're sitting, waiting for a table. You can see people at outdoor tables just beyond us, through the window. I do not recognize the restaurant. It's probably in Beverly Hills or somewhere nearby. Maybe my readers will recognize the place or the street with the parking lot and buildings.
I may not know where we were, but I do remember my groovy outfit. It was a long vest with matching bell-bottoms in a squishy polyester print of black, white and gray. I'm sure I'm wearing a black turtle-neck with this divine ensemble. I'm also wearing my signature "ELL" gold necklace around my neck. I still have it, buried in my jewel box. My hair is cut in long shag of the era. I'm carrying a fabric, tapestry bag with fringe on the bottom. I still have the bag. I'm 19 in this photo.
Mom is wearing a darling sweater. It was a beige, brown, black and gold knit. A few years later I borrowed this sweater forever. She's also sporting a white collar dickey - so crisp! I'm sure she's wearing black slacks. LOVE her purse. I still have this purse too. It's dark gray patent leather with gray faux fur on it. Mom is 49 in this photo.
We were so fashionable...not super-groovy, but definitely IN the groove for 1972!

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At 3:55 PM PDT, Blogger Leah said...

Your mom hasn't changed in all these years! And yeah, groovy baby!

At 6:48 PM PDT, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Great pictures. Bringing back memories. So much happening in 1972. I think it was a fantastic year.

At 8:02 PM PDT, Blogger Norah said...

I love your mom's sweater and your outfit! I had a long vest similar to that in 1972 but it was a separate, not part of an outfit. I really like it with the pants.


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