Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Summer Projects

It's getting hot here in Los Angeles. Time to quit working on afghans, heavy shawls and other wooly items! In summer, I tend to work on smaller projects that don't sit in my lap and make me swelter. How about some dishcloths, potholders, light shawls, tee-tops, sun hats, etc.? Here are a few recent inspirations. Click on the pattern title for links to each pattern. I recently saw this adorable pattern for fish-shaped washcloths on the Red Heart website. RH has a new yarn out called "Scrubby." It's textured, dries quickly and is perfect for washcloths.
School of Fish Scrubbies

Recently, Natalie gifted me with a wonderful tote bag. On the front of the gray wool bag was an appliqued, multi-color cotton doily, very similar to the one on this cool pillow!
Natalie's tote and Flower Cushion. Click on photo to embiggen
Washcloths are ALWAYS great to knit and/or crochet during the summer. I love this one by Moogly:
Bright Chevron Dishcloth
There's always time for sheep! This could be an early holiday ornament, a key fob or just a decoration for your yarny room!
Bobble Sheep
Sunhats! We need more sunhats in Southern California! I hate having my hair crushed, but I might have to change it up a bit if this global warming trend continues!

Crochet Cotton Sunhat

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