Monday, May 04, 2009

The Fowler Museum

Fowler Museum @ UCLA

On Saturday, Audrey and Jeff invited us to a lecture, reception and art exhibit opening at the Fowler Museum on the UCLA campus. It was all about Aboriginal painting at Papunya, Australia. From the website: "....artwork created at the very outset of what became the Western desert painting movement, the works often transgressed Aboriginal laws about the revelation of secret imagery."
Larry, Audrey and Jeff
The lecture was fascinating, but the paintings were even more fabulous in person! There was a lovely reception around the fountain in the courtyard too. You can see more of the paintings here.Viewing the paintings in person is highly recommended though. When you look up-close, you can see the process and layers of paint. Very impressive.
Only the crackers were accessible!

The reception was rather crowded, so it wasn't easy to get near the food and drink. It was an excellent "people-watching" crowd though...good shoes, ethnic clothing and jewelry...highly entertaining!We opted to head over to the Westside Pavillion and check out the new restaurant at the Landmark Theater called Westside Tavern. Well, you know how it is....Saturday night, 8pm....forget about getting in. The place was jam-packed. We walked across the street and tried the Iron Grill. We had a few Chinese style filled the bill.

Thanks for a great evening, Audrey and Jeff!

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At 4:24 PM PDT, Blogger Uccellina said...

I did ethnographic fieldwork with Aboriginal people in Alice Springs, which is the nearest city to Papunya. I worked with a lot of artists and wrote a paper about cultural tourism in central Australia, which included a section on the Aboriginal Art movement. This post brings back memories :-)


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