Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

Audrey Nautilus Creatures
Last week was Audrey's birthday. We're all so busy, that we didn't have a chance to meet up until this past Saturday for a mini-celebration. We really like Jinky's Cafe on the Sunset Strip for breakfast. Their food is good, healthy-ish, reasonable and the service is great. Audrey and Jeff live close by, so they can walk to Jinky's.
Audrey has been knitting these wonderful nautilus creatures. She brought a couple to show to us. I really love them!

Jeff, describing the "takeover of the Nauti Creatures"
This was the BEST dish...potato pancakes with onion jelly & guacamole

Egg & Bacon Scramble

Wheat Waffle

Vegies & Eggs

We must go to Jinky's more often, it's so good. Happy B-Day, once again, Audrey!

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At 10:24 AM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Those pancakes look incredible. Onion jelly...yummm

We recently made pizza with onion jam, fontina, and truffle oil. So good.

Happy Birthday, Audry! Love your creatures.


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