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I've lived in Los Angeles all my life. My parents lived in this City all of their lives. Whenever we'd drive around town, my Dad would always say stuff like, "Oh, such and such building used to be there." Or, "this area used to all be bean fields when I was a kid." There have been so many changes in our City over the past few decades. None more apparent than on the Sunset Strip! Dad wouldn't recognize his town!
The Cameo Theatre, 8365 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

As I perused the photo collection of the L.A. Public Library, I came across several photos of The Cameo Theatre at 8365 Sunset Boulevard in what is now West Hollywood. I'd never heard of this little place. I cannot find any information about it on the innernets, but it appears to be a small legitimate theater on The Strip. The building also housed a piano shop. Here are a few photos of the interior:
The Cameo Theatre, interior

The photo below is from the LAPL archives, Valley Times Collection, 1962. The caption reads, "Carpenter Avenue School PTA, Studio City, will take over the Cameo Theatre in Hollywood Friday to view a presentation of 'Man in a Dog Suit,' starring television personality Tom Hatten. Hatten, in dog's suit, selling tickets to Mmes. Harry Vickman, president; Leroy Dearing and Lloyd Anthony, theater party chairmen." 
Tom Hatten!  In a dog suit!!?!  I love it!
"Man in a Dog Suit," 1962

No more small town theater fun at this address. The current resident of this address is the Saddle Ranch Restaurant.  Not sure if the original building is underneath this faux Western fa├žade. Talk about changes!
Site of the former Cameo Theatre, 8365 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood. Saddlle Ranch Restaurant
Have a lovely weekend, my friends. As you drive around town, try to remember what was there!

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