Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Teaching the Art

My good friend, Joan W. re-learned how to crochet last year. She was a quick study because we think she must have learned as a child. Joan made a beautiful scarf out of rust-colored chenille.

This summer Joan was capitvated by a chunky-knit sweater in "W" Magazine. A few of my fellow knitsters and I explained to Joan the difference between knitted and crocheted garments. Knitted garments can drape better. Crocheted garments, depending on your hook and yarn size, tend to be thicker and stiffer. Crocheting uses up one-third MORE yarn than knitting does. The sweater that Joan saw in "W" was definitely knitted. Joan needed to learn how to knit.

She attended our WeHo SnB a few weeks ago for her first knitting lesson. Joan started with a cotton washcloth, garter stitch pattern. I cast on for her and knit the first row so she could watch. After a few attempts, Joan was knitting slowly. By the end of the evening she had knit almost an inch on her washcloth.

Within the next week she had started a second cloth, all by herself! Joan's next project will be wrist-warmers. After that, I think she'll be ready to knit that chunky sweater!

I really like teaching people who want to learn. Joan was determined to learn to knit and she succeeded! Congratulations Joan!



At 4:19 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo, Joan! Ellen, you must be a good teacher.


At 10:40 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Joan learned how to knit so quickly! It took me a few months before I got the hang of it.



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